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Functional Fascial Taping® or FFT® Level 2 continues on from Level 1. Information about FFT can be found in the course description of Level 1.

FFT is now used by therapists in Finland, Israel, Gernsey, USA, HK, Singapore, England, New Zealand and Australia.

The workshop is accredited and endorsed by the Sports Medicine Australia, Australian Association of Massage Therapist and Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia.

The Workshop:

At this clinical workshop you will learn taping techniques, FFT principles and concepts that can be applied to most musculoskeletal pathologies. The following programme is taught to serve as a framework for the treatment of  the Lower Quadrant and Functional Restrictive Taping.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Complex patients
  • FFT for the knee
  • FFT for the ankle – incl. ant and post impingement, Achilles tendinopathy
  • FFT for the foot – incl. Plantar fasciosis, Mortons Neuroma
  • FFT for the lumbar spine – extension problems
  • Pre determined load techniques – including Iliotibial Band, acute muscle tears
  • Introduction to Functional Restrictive Taping (FRT) (including anterior talofibular ligament / ankle taping)
  • FFT – high and low velocity movements, osteitis pubis and intermittent pain


  • Fast and effective analgesic. (On-going)
  • Allows for activity & rehabilitation.
  • Facilitates patients’ early return to work.
  • Maintains higher levels of training & competition.
  • Practitioner guided, patient self-maintaining treatment program for work or sport.
  • Reduces the physical strain to therapists of manual therapies.

Prequisite: Level 2 Workshop required the successful completion of Level 1. See website for more details

About the Presenter

Ron Alexander has presented FFT at the following:

  • International Olympic Committee World Congress.
  • Interdisciplinary World Congress on Lower Back and Pelvic Pain.
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association, 14th Biennial Conference.
  • Invited speaker at the 2005 Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport.
  • FA Conference (Soccer) and the Royal College of Surgeons.

Li Cunxin. Author of Mao’s Last Dancer, Australian book of the year. Former Principal Dancer Houston Ballet and The Australian Ballet.
"I received immediate pain relief faster than anti-inflammatory drugs and increased flexibility, which allowed me to maintain high levels of performance as a principal dancer".

Dr. Ken Crichton. Sports Physician, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, 2000 Olympic Games, Medical Director for the Australian Ballet.
"I witnessed the benefits of this method in many of our dancers…. I would commend this method as a further addition to treatments that are beneficial in the management of dance and sporting injuries"

Dr Jill Cook. Physiotherapist PhD. Musculoskeletal Research Centre La Trobe University
“A simple way to decrease pain and increase range allowing you to start rehabilitation. This method offers the clinician a wonderful addition to their treatment toolbox”.

Course Date and Venue

Course title:Functional Fascial Taping - Level 2
Date: 2 August 2009 (Sun)
Time: 9:0am-6:00pm
Venue: SMU
Fees: S$500.00 per person
Closing date for registration: 10 July 2009
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