GRAVITY® Foundation is the introductory training course for all fitness professionals seeking to gain practical experience and knowledge of the Total Gym® GRAVITYSystem®.

The comprehensive two-day course covers movement execution and its connection with incline bodyweight training, including the concept of SMA adaptability, and muscle isolation to integration. You’ll apply this to the Total Gym® Exercise Library, which includes more than 120 exercises performed on the Total Gym incline trainer. Attendees are engaged in the process of creating progressive and regressive GRAVITY exercise programs for Total Gym that are scalable to client ability and based on program efficiency.

Effective program development and revenue models for one-to-one and multi-client personal training sessions are reviewed to assist in business development for a facility and an individual trainer. Attendees will also learn how to implement pre-designed workouts for strength and endurance when working with small or large groups. Presenter mastery skills are also covered in the course, along with review of the Total Gym GRAVITY launch plan including marketing protocols to create a winning GRAVITY program.


  • Demonstrate mastery of the Total Gym incline bodyweight trainer and accessories.
  • Review basic anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and functional movement.
  • Apply resistance training fundamentals to the Total Gym.
  • Learn and apply the Total Gym Exercise Library.
  • Design individualized multi-client and group GRAVITY programming.
  • Demonstrate how to create a workout for a wide variety of client goals and abilities.
  • Learn how to create a profitable GRAVITY business model for group and personal training


  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Attendees must hold a current fitness certification from a professional certifying organization.


  • REPs -20
  • Fitness Australia -14

Why should I do the GRAVITY Foundation Course?

A: The new GRAVITY Foundation Course is a comprehensive and complete course that gives the attendee a broader understanding of how to be a successful GRAVITY Trainer and/or operate a profitable business with Total Gym. It improves upon and amalgamates the previous PT and Group courses, including new information on multi-client training, a completely revised exercise library, fresh new sample programs based on SMA adaptability as well as covering detailed business and marketing principles for successful implementation and promotion. Any trainer can benefit from course revision, however this course is even more powerful than a simple revision because it is based on the most modern training concepts and as a result can dramatically improve your business.

Day One: The course material from Personal Training has been revised and improved upon to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the personal training component of Total Gym. The new exercise library is based on the Total Gym body position (previously muscle group) and now outlines a clearer understanding of how to instruct clients and create effective programming. It includes the new “SMA”(Strength, Mobility, Awareness) concept for adaptability and shows how to develop effective progression in your programming. It also covers how to train multiple clients from a personal training or team training perspective.

Day Two: The course material from Group Training has again been revised and improved in this course. Not interested in group exercise? This material is still incredibly powerful in teaching personal trainers the different components and possibilities of training with Total Gym. Personal Trainers can learn from this section how to apply group exercise within a team training environment – with or without music. The important part for personal trainers is to understand how to direct and lead a group of people on Total Gym. Following on from this, you will join in a comprehensive business section that teaches you how to successfully model and market your business, who you should be attracting and how to incorporate programming for success.

The GRAVITY Foundation course is a must for those who wish to take the GRAVITY Pilates & GRAVITY Post Rehab course

 About the Trainer/Lecturer

CHRISTOPHER CHUA, FDN,HLC GRAVITY Master Trainer for the Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course, teachers with expertise, enthusiasm and humor. He is the owner of Pilates Body Pilate and is a firm believer in holistic health and living, he trained under the programmes of the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute in California and was awarded the title of Holistic Lifestyle Coach (Level 3) & CHEK Golf Biomechanic and is equipped in the areas of Core Stabilisation, Functional Strength as well as Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment, which has enabled him to improve his clients’ posture, functional health, weight management, rehabilitate chronic back, shoulder and knee injuries and improve their sports performance and overall conditioning.

And as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Chris has helped clients with many kinds of hormonal related issues such as chronic adrenal fatigue, blood sugar problems. This is carried out by lab -testing on the client’s saliva, urine and stool. He is also a POLESTAR PILATES -certified Mat, Reformer & Studio teacher

This course is organised by Pilates Body Pilot

Course Date and Venue

Course title:GRAVITY - Foundation Course for Trainers
Date: 7-8 July 2012
Time: 8:30am-6:00pm
Venue: Pilates Body Pilot
Fees: S$800.00 per person
Closing date for registration: 5 July 2012
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