The final Level of the Integrated Corrective Exercise program, Integrated Stability Training Certification is the capstone of the ICE program and will provide a variety of balance tools and systems for participants to tailor functional programs for individual clients.The final level will integrate the theory and skills developed throughout the program to apply in a practical manner.

The mediBall Certification and Corrective Exercise Certification are pre-requisite of this course.

Workshop 1 – Course Content

  • ICE floor work dynamic sequence Principles of ICE power training
  • Introduction to advanced stability training equipment
  • Introduction to duraBoard, duraDisc, airRoller, cycloneBall, Bongo Board, Medicine Balls, Pro Fitter, Bodyblade
  • Exercise applications for cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic function
  • Musculoskeletal pathologies and the implications of exercise
  • ICE exercise selection and planning principles
  • Education strategies for client/patient compliance

Workshop 2 – Course Content Weeble Boards

  • Introduction to ICE
  • Musculoskeletal Profiling System
  • Global observations and relevance to exercise
  • Exercise focus
  • Focus breakdown
  • Movement pattern classification
  • Client/patient needs analysis
  • Balancing the program
  • Interactive case studies
  • Observation and assessment integration
  • Corrective applications
  • ICE exercise selection and planning principles
  • Education strategies for client/patient compience


Attendance for the full duration of both workshops is compulsory for certification. Each workshop is 8 Hours duration. (including a lunch break)

Competency Assessment

At the completion of the level, students will be required to complete multiple choice examinations based on competencies covered in both workshops.


At the completion of the course and sufficient achievement of competencies, each graduate will receive a Certificate of Competency.

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