The Integrated Corrective Exercise or ICE program provides the participant with a unique insight into the relationship between exercise, movement and musculoskeletal injury. The focus of the program includes a combination of theoretical and practical strategies to assist the health and fitness professional assess musculoskeletal function, apply corrective exercise strategies and select and plan exercise appropriate to the individuals needs.

The workshop series explores the grey area between clinical therapy and performance exercise which is crucial for the progressive physical health and safety of the client. Exercise is a valuable tool in developing efficient locomotion of the musculoskeletal system, the ICE program assists you to establish practical strategies to maximise physical performance and minimise the risk of musculoskeletal injury.

What some past participants have to say:

"Mediball Certification delivers a very good introduction on the importance of stability exercises" – Sharifah Shwikar, Physiotherapist

"The best core stability workshops for Personal Trainers that will revolutionise the way they train their clients" – Terence Lim, Personal Trainer

"It gave me a deep insight and knowledge about core muscles; how to strengthen target muscles and prevent injuries" – Antoinette Chang, Mind & Body Trainer

The programme consists of three levels:

Integrated Corrective Exercise – Level I

Integrated Corrective Exercise – Level II

Integrated Corrective Exercise – Level III