issa logo.jpgIn 1988, the most powerful team of fitness expertsever assembled joined together with an unyielding commitment to stem the tide of physical decline in our country. Culled from the elite ranks of research, coaching, sports medicine and sport and fitness science, these individuals decided to draw a line in the sand and turn the tide towards a more fit and healthier nation. They formed the International Sports Sciences Association with the mission of standardizing information and transforming the health & fitness of our nation.

Since that initial gathering, THE INTERNATIONAL SPORTS SCIENCES ASSOCIATION has catapulted to the forefront of the fitness community. ISSA is now recognized as the WORLD LEADER IN FITNESS CERTIFICATION with over 60,000 graduates as of this writing and several thousand others currently enrolled in various programs. Hundreds of physicians, chiropractors, coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and health & fitness professionals have taken ISSA specialized programs for certification and continuing education. The founders as well as the majority of ISSA professors and advisors are both world class athletes and Masters or PH.D.’s, people possessed of extraordinary academic backgrounds, as well as practical, "in the trenches" experience.

The ISSA acts as a teaching institution and certification agency for fitness trainers, athletic trainers, aerobic instructors, and medical professionals in every field of health care. ISSA hosts seminars in most states as well as numerous countries around the world. Our organization has set new standards in exercise assessment, nutritional planning, fitness instruction, sports medicine practice, and post rehabilitation training.

Our certification and continuing education programs are universally recognized and our professional credibility is impeccable. ISSA programs have been offered in numerous colleges and universities around the world.

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