Physical Preparedness can be defined as the willingness and capacity to perform, improvise or resolve a continuum of reality-based physical skills. For crisis response, that work involves all of the tasks associated with performance. The demands imposed upon crisis responders vary in duration, complexity and intensity. As a result, TACFIT® enables you to execute both conventional and unconventional physical tasks.

Although conventional PT programs involve mono or bi-planar action on individual joints with long duration of single exercises, fitness demands multi-planar, multi-joint, multimodal exercise. The body acts as a balanced matrix: a sea of continuous tension pulling in with an architecture of compressive struts pushing out. TACFIT® increases the strength of integrity of that balance. The key to TACFIT® is teaching the body to act as an integrated whole in every action. Physical preparedness, as a result, must reflect the following goals:

  • FUNCTIONAL, VARIED AND IMPROVISED MOVEMENTS: exercise must cover a wide array of reality-based skills.
  • INCREMENTALLY PROGRESSIVE: exercise must be intense enough to elicit an adaptive, but sustainable response.
  • INCREASINGLY SOPHISTICATED: exercise must increase the neurological challenge of movements.
  • EFFORT THROUGH EFFICIENCY: exercise must maximize the amount of useful work.
  • MINIMIZING DISCOMFORT BY MAXIMIZING TECHNIQUE: exercise challenge must derive from functional exertion not dysfunctional mechanics.

 About the Lecturer

TACFIT® was created by RMAX International co-founder Scott Sonnon, former USA National Police Team Coach for Sambo submission fighting – part of the Police and Fire Fighter Olympics. As US Coach, Sonnon trained extensively for six years with the former USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and Special Operations Unit (Spetsnaz) Physical Conditioning and Performance Enhancement Specialists at the RETAL (Physical Skill Consultant Scientific & Practical Training) Center and was the first American to be licensed by the Russian government. Sonnon is one of a handful of individuals outside of the former USSR to earn the coveted “Honourable Master of Sport” – the highest athletic distinction recognized in the former Soviet Union.

Due to the physical and learning disabilities he overcame in his youth, Sonnon capitalizes upon advances in biomechanics, stress physiology, athletic biochemistry and sports/combat psychology to become an international champion martial artist in both Russian Sambo and Chinese Sanshou kickboxing.

He discovered that it wasn’t merely being bigger, faster or stronger than your opponents, but being better which counted most. Studying motor development technologies, he evolved his Delta-Alpha motor sophistication approach which allows rapid advancement of skill and fitness for all populations.

Rather than just catering to the genetic 2% who can train in anything and get results, he knows how to take a zero to hero and crafted the TACFIT® 26 Program array to exploit the natural tendencies of the body to adapt to waves of stress – physically, mentally and emotionally.

However much science underpins it, Sonnon’s approach itself is austere, primitive, primal and portable: Clubbells, kettlebells, monkey and parallel bars, medicine balls, jump boxes and ropes, gymnastic rings, and sandbags. This array of equipment is as old as physical culture itself because each successfully allows the greatest potential for functional, varied and improvised use of the entire body matrix.

Scott’s peak performance enhancement methods are on the scientific cutting-edge proving themselves again and again where it counts: in the real world on and off the field of athletics. Scott Sonnon is RMAX International Co-Founder, TACFIT Creator Creator of the Circular Strength Training System® and the Inventor of the Clubbell®



Course Date and Venue

Course title:TACFIT Certification Course
Date: 11 & 12 August 2012
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Venue: PIT, 50 Tras Street Singapore 078989
Fees: S$1350.00 per person
Closing date for registration: 20 May 2012
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